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CREAR UNA IMAGEN DE TEXTO1.Elige una imagen: 2.Abrimos la página para cambiar la imagen :el texto que he seleccionado es un fragmento de la canción wrecking ball We clawed, we chained, our hearts in vain
We jumped, never asking why
We kissed, I fell
under your spell
A love no one could deny Don’t you ever say I just walked away
I will always want you
I can’t live a lie, running for my life
I will always want you I came in like a wrecking ball
I never hit so hard in love
All I wanted was to break your walls
All you ever did was wreck me
Yeah, you wreck me I put you high up in the sky
And now, you’re not coming down
It slowly turned, you let me burn
And now, we’re ashes on the ground resultado final: